About Us

As a leading gold buyer, Patchogue Pawn Brokers are ready to pay you top dollar for your jewelry and quality merchandise. With a low interest rate at signup, you won’t have to worry about spending an extravagant amount to re-obtain collateral.

We offer incredible deals on used objects that are certified to work properly. Various musical instruments, electronics and hardware come our way to a customer seeking a great value.

Fast, Instant Cash

Patchogue Pawn Brokers will be ready to lend you money at a moment’s notice upon inspection of collateral. You can rest assured there will be no waiting period.

Discounted Products

For those on a budget, we sell discounted products ranging from like-new to used. We offer warranties to guarantee that you will get the maximum satisfaction from any purchase you make.

Quick to Spot

We pride ourselves in being a quick come-and-go area that will be accessible to all that visit. You’ll see our signs long before you reach Patchogue Pawn Brokers.